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Lighting Equipment, Meat Rack, Mixer


1. 6" Fresnel

2. 8" Fresnel

3. Pinspot

4. R4C Can

5. PAR 56.

6. PAR 64

7. PAR Source Four

8. Source Four Ellipsoidal

9. 3.5" Ellipsoidal


Wheeled rack for transporting a number of pre-rigged six-lamp bars or lanterns.


A desk comprising a number of input channels where each sound source is provided with its own control channel through which sound signals are routed into two or more outputs. Many mixing desks can also change the quality of the sound (see EQUALISATION). A Powered Mixer has an amplifier built into it. Sound sources of varying levels are accepted which can be amplified if necessary. Also known as a Sound Desk or Sound Board.

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