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Cheeseboro, Clove Hitch, Colour Changer, Crescent Wrench


Used to connect items to truss


Invaluable knot that every technician should know.


1) Scroller, where a long string of up to 16 colours is passed horizontally in front of a lantern. Remotely controlled by the lighting desk.

2) Wheel : Electrically or manually operated disc which is fitted to the front of a lantern with several apertures holding different colour filters which can be selected to enable colour changes. Can also be selected to run continuously.

3) Semaphore, where framed colours are electrically lowered into place in front of the lantern. Remotely controllable. Can perform additive colour mixing by lowering two colours into position at the same time.

4) Magazine : Manual semaphore-type device used on the front of a followspot. Known in the USA as a BOOMERANG.


(US) An open ended adjustable hand wrench originally produced by the Crescent Tool Co. Known as a C-WRENCH. The most common stagehand tool.

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